– Chris Zepeda
Head Cross Country/Track & Field Coach, Hartnell College

“If there is one person to go to in our area for nutritional advice, Stephanie is the one! As a coach, my nutritional knowledge is limited so I never hesitate to go to her for the latest information. Being a competitive runner herself and combined with her extensive nutritional counseling experience, a person of any ability or needs will get the best service one could find. Stephanie brings passion and an amazing work ethic to her pursuits.  Being a client of hers; you will find your individual improvement become her passion as well.”

– Walt Dambkowski

“I am a 59 year old male who has been doing triathlons for 10+ years and am ramping up training for my first full ironman.  Energy and nutrition have been problem areas for me.  With Stephanie’s help, I have been able to adjust my daily food intake and what I need to consume prior, during and after exercise to give me the needed energy and stamina for my longer workouts and recovery afterwards.  Stephanie was easy to work with, gave great insight into my nutritional needs and came up with easy to implement ideas.”

– Kirstin Lyon

“As a psychotherapist treating eating disorders, I frequently include Stephanie as part of my treatment team. She is personable and professional, easily collaborating with clients and their families as they face challenging issues. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephanie in any capacity and feel fortunate to be able to include her as someone I repeatedly refer to.”

– Joanna Oppenheim MD
Salinas Valley Health Lifestyle and Metabolic Program

“Stephanie is knowledgeable, understanding and encouraging with the nutritional help she gives my patients. I love how she practices what she preaches and is a great role model herself.  My patients love seeing her and I am grateful we have someone like her in our community!”

– Steve Souza
Triathlete. Monterey, CA

“Upon embarking on a spring and summer increasingly filled with swimming, biking and running, I found myself wondering what else I could do to improve my performance. My fellow competitors left me longing for better finish times. What would make me faster?
“I had gradually moved from being just a runner into triathlons, engaging in the disciplines of swimming, biking and running four to six days per week. I was employing all the workout and training activities I could think of to improve my personal performance, but I found myself increasingly hungry.
“What was missing? I wanted to improve my performance so I sought the advice of SB Nutrition to guide me in what I needed to eat and when I needed to be eating it. With Stephanie’s counsel, I progressively exhibited improved performance in both my running and triathlon events. With each passing race, my performance was better than the prior. Compared to last year, my run times are down 30-60 seconds per mile in 10k’s, 15 seconds per mile in ½ marathons, 45 seconds per mile in triathlon 10k’s, and a full minute per mile improvement in a 5k race for my first ever podium finish!
“For an athletic individual, nutrition is a vital part of maintaining a healthy physiology that allows you to perform stronger. I am very excited to have SB Nutrition on my team to assist me with what types of food I should consume and when I should consume it.”